Budget-Friendly Ways to Get More Veggies on Your Plate

October 29, 2022

The average adult should aim to get half their plate at each meal filled with fruits and veggies (with veggies being slightly more than fruits).  Many acknowledge the challenges in doing so – cost of fresh fruits and vegetables, not knowing how to prepare or cook certain vegetables, or simply not liking them. Here are

Managed Exercise & PT Can Improve Concussion Symptoms.

September 23, 2022

With high school sports in full gear and NFL in full swing, concussions are certain to ramp up within the mainstream consciousness. And while talk will often point to conventional wisdom which states that “time and rest” are the best and only options for recovery from concussion, physical therapist Mary Rose Strickland says that studies

Health Change: How Do I Know If I’m Ready? Part 1 of 4

September 8, 2022

By: Dr. Mary Rose Strickland Physical Therapist | Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner If you have been following our emails and articles (https://newlifept.com/free-resources/lifestyle-medicine/ ), you likely understand the importance of making healthier changes in your life.  This includes moving your body more, fueling your body with whole-food nutritious options, getting good sleep, avoiding tobacco and excessive alcohol

Parents: Be Aware of the Signs of Youth Sports Injuries

September 6, 2022

As student-athletes head back to the game fields later this school year, injuries are going to happen. Despite concerted efforts to reduce and prevent sports injuries, physical therapist Mary Rose Strickland pointed out that it’s impossible to eliminate them from sports. So in order to ensure injuries are diagnosed and treated quickly, before they worsen,

I’m Ready to Clean Up My Diet – Where Do I Start?

August 31, 2022

By:  Dr. Mary Rose Strickland Physical Therapist | Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner The foods we eat play a huge role in how our bodies function and our overall health.  The saying “you can’t outrun a bad diet” holds true.  While exercise and activity is very important, the food choices we make impact everything in our body

The Miracle Drug: Live Longer, More Quality Years

August 23, 2022

Movement and physical activity is the closest thing we have to a miracle drug.  Did you know that physical inactivity is the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality, and low cardiorespiratory fitness was the number ONE cause of preventable deaths from all-cause mortality?  (Mortality is death, especially on a large scale”).  It has been