Sleep Needs for Kids

June 28, 2022

The amount of sleep our bodies need changes throughout our lifespan.  Since 1970, our children are averaging less and less sleep – up to 40% not getting recommended amounts.  Sleep is equated to health on all levels:  Physical, mental, and emotional; and is key to performance in school sports, relationships and beyond. So how much

Physical Activity Improves Brain Health

June 21, 2022

Dr. Mary Rose Strickland When asked about benefits of physical activity, most people can list off that it is good for your heart and cardiovascular health, for your muscle and bone health, but did you know it could keep your brain healthy, too? Physical Activity can improve memory, reduce anxiety and depression, and has even

Social Connectedness vs. Social Media: How’s your Emotional Health?

June 14, 2022

Being connected to others can do more than just put a smile on your face.  Longevity, health, and physiologic measures, such as heart rate, improve with positive interaction and connection with others where mutual care and concern are present.  Connecting with others and nurturing in a mutual way activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which contrasts

The Power of Vitamin D

June 9, 2022

Vitamin D makes the list of under consumed nutrients that most of us lack in our bodies. Vitamin D is important for keeping bones strong, absorbing calcium (which further helps to keep bones strong and healthy) and work with parathyroid glands. Deficiency can be associated with mood changes, bone loss, muscle cramps (or weakness), bone

Positive Attitude Reaps Healthful Rewards

May 27, 2022

By Mary Rose Strickland, PT, DPT, OCS “Mind over matter” may seem a bit cliché when it comes to health and science, but in Mary Rose Strickland’s world, a positive attitude plays an undeniable role in reaching and maintaining optimal health. A physical therapist, co-owner, and Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner at New Life Physical Therapy, Strickland