Success Stories

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Brittany’s Story

I was having a lot of pain in my left shoulder and arm, to the point of not being able to hold anything for too long in that hand. It was affecting my workouts and daily activities. At that point, I contacted New Life and started working with Kris. She really worked with me to get my shoulder back to where it was originally. I really enjoyed my sessions with Kris because she listened to the issues I was having and included me in the decisions that were made regarding my shoulder. She also gave me a lot of helpful stretches to do at home. Now my shoulder is back to normal and I am back to doing my workouts again! I am so thankful for New Life and would definitely recommend them to anyone who is in need of physical therapy!

– Brittany

Jodi N’s Story

I was in significant hip pain before watching a webinar and having a consult with New Life Physical Therapy. I was limping with every step, had difficulty with stairs; putting on socks & shoes had me contemplating wearing only slide on shoes. A day with my granddaughter would lay me up for the next day, needing pain reliever to sleep. I am extremely grateful to Joe at the Portage site for being my guide and champion. After 8 sessions including dry needling, stretches and strengthening exercises, I am feeling and performing more like my old self. No one is passing me walking into the store. Stairs are no problem. I am enjoying pain free adventures with a toddler. I highly recommend Joe at New Life Physical Therapy! Grace at the front desk is a breath of fresh air, as well.

– Jodi N