Success Stories

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Ken’s Story

At the time of my accident, I was 75 years old. I was painting the roof of a school bus. I fell from a ladder and broke my neck. After seeing five different doctors, I was told I was as good as I was going to get. I could not raise my arm above my shoulder or look right or left. I made an appointment with New Life and that was when my recovery began. I can now ride my motorcycle, do yard work, and most other things I enjoy (I have not tried golf yet). I can now do many things I could not do without pain after the accident. I can raise my arm above my head and look right and left. I take very little meds, and that I am very grateful for. Thanks New Life.

– Ken

Kim’s Story

I came to New Life after a knee injury. I was hurting so bad, I could no longer do what I loved to do. I love to go for walks during my work day, and exercise in the morning before work. I could not bend my knee when I came to see Sydney. She taught me how to walk without pain. Kyle helped my strengthen my muscles. Sydney did cupping on my knee and slowly but steady got better! I can now enjoy my normal activities! The staff at New Life are so awesome! Everyone was so kind and friendly. Thank you, New Life!

– Kim