Success Stories


David’s Story

I walked in expecting to have surgery. Exercise by exercise with my PT, Kris Hellenbrand, I slowly began healing. With patience and instruction by Kris, I got better and better. The surgeon said that there were two vertebrae that are ruptured. I came to every appointment I had and did my exercises at home. Soon, I was stronger than I had been in a long time. The progress went from not being able to walk, to a slow jog with no pain. I thank New Life Physical Therapy, Kyle and Kris. I believe God sent me here. Thanks so much New Life.

– David

JoAnn’s Story

I have dealt with pain most of my life but this past winter I developed pain in my low back and hip making it difficult to move or walk. I took to my recliner thinking I must have injured it and needed rest. No improvement came after several doctor appointments with scans and tests. Months earlier I had attended a workshop at New Life and decided now was the time to give them a try. I needed help. I WANTED help. When I left Jordan that first day, I was so excited and hopeful! He assessed my situation and listened to my story. We made a plan and goals together. He coached me along the way. He helped me get my confidence back and helped me gain control over the hear of hurting myself… I am now walking, back to household chores, playing with my grandchildren and doing most activities with little to no pain. Thank you, Jordan! Thank you, New Life! It is a new life.

– JoAnn

Becky’s Story

I first started coming her after I had back fusion and hip replacement surgeries done within 10 months. My flexibility and movement in hips and back was pretty limited. I worked with Kris and Kyle and have gotten to the point where I can twist and turn, get up and walk right away without waiting for my hips to start working themselves into place. So much better than even 6 months ago. Then I’d been putting off a shoulder issue, but a surgeon said I’d need a replacement. The Physical Therapist felt with exercises, I could pretty much get back most of my ROM (range of motion) and get rid of pain/achiness. And it has done wonders! The shoulder may not be 100 but I feel like I’m at 90 or more, no pain/achiness. Kris and Kyle both worked with me, showed the right exercises and stretches for me and I feel so much better now. I’ll return if there’s ever a flare up. ?

– Becky