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Katie’s Story

For many years, I was someone who struggled with pap smears or even the thought of using tampons, so going to Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy seemed extremely intimidating. From our very first conversation, I knew that I had found a great fit with Kris. My favorite part about working with Kris was her ‘whole-person’ approach. She took the time to examine all areas in my life that may be contributing to my pain and discomfort, including stress management, exercise, overall knowledge of my anatomy, and many more factors that I would have never made the connection between. I looked forward to sharing my progress with someone I felt accountable to and she celebrated every small victory with me, as well as made adjustments when a technique was not working for me. I got the opportunity to share what I was learning or working on with so many women in my life who then opened up to share their own experiences. During all of this, my confidence and self-esteem grew exponentially! It was bittersweet to see my time with Kris end, however; I am confident in my ability to keep using the exercises and techniques I learned. I strongly believe that every woman has something to learn from Kris! Thank you so much!

– Katie