Success Stories

Kathryn’s Story

Hurt my knee on vacation and thought it would get better on it’s own. That didn’t happen so went to the doctor and recommend physical therapy. The pain affected my sleep. I had trouble kneeling and walking was also painful. With therapy, I am now sleeping without pain and can kneel on that leg. Walking isn’t painful as long as I don’t over do it yet. That old saying “slow & steady wins the race” is true. Be faithful to the exercise and they will get you there. Thanks Dr. Joe and staff. I’m on the way to doing all the things I like.

Carol A’s Story

Becki worked with me over a period of time for pelvic floor strengthening. I appreciated many things about Becki’s approach. She introduced exercises slowly. She made sure I knew to do the exercises correctly and she gave me time to develop habits slowly without asking me to do too much all at once. She used various methods to teach exercises: demonstration and return demonstration, video recording that I could access on my phone. She referred me to an excellent site for exercises and education: My Core Floor. I appreciated that Becki listened carefully to my symptoms and issues and offered options and tried different things, such as a TENS unit and abdominal massage. My symptoms improved with treatment. I have exercises that I will continue to do. I highly recommend Becki and New Life Physical Therapy. I am very thankful for the help I received there.

Jim & Jean’s Story

Jim came to Jordan at New Life PT on the referral of a friend! Jim had bilateral knee surgery 9 months before our first appointment. Jean was dealing with balance and pain moving since her double brain aneurysm over 6 years ago! After 3 months, we feel like we have nothing holding us back to do all the things we want to. It was an easy program to follow. He watched us carefully and adjusted our routine to our needs. An app to check in with photos of us doing our stretches was in our phone and kept us on track and focused on our program. It worked so smooth and made it fun to do and see the results so quickly! We are in our 70’s and feeling super! I recommend this facility. It is a top notch group of professionals, even the office manager Barb is attentive to your needs. They care about you and work to get you back to where you want to be. Jim says it reminds him of the Toby Keith song – Don’t Let The Old Man In!

Jean K’s Story

All employees are very friendly and helpful. I enjoyed my week with New Life Physical Therapy and if I have to go back, I would be glad to sign up.

– Jean K

Dean P’s Story

I went to see my ‘GP’ in regard to pain in my shoulder and knee. (Trouble lifting, climbing stairs and sleeping.) He mentioned several options, but recommended I try PT first. (I was skeptical as I thought things, especially the knee, were in need of something more “invasive”.) I met with Joe Schilz and after an initial assessment, was given exercises/stretching for the shoulder that over six weeks made a huge improvement. That initial assessment also led to the fact that my knee overall was in good shape and that it was a weak hip that was the source of my knee pain. After Joe gave me specific exercises to strengthen the hip, I was more than pleased with the reduced pain in my knee along with more flexibility in my hips and lower back. I will continue with these exercises as it has led to a positive difference in my daily activities.

– Dean P

Carolyn J’s Story

When I first started at New Life PT, I was in a lot of pain, had limited motion, and was discouraged. I realized I had overdone it with shoveling; it had taken a toll on my shoulder and arm. I was having trouble reaching up into cupboards as well as reaching behind me and overhead. Because of the PT, I have restored range of motion! I was having trouble sleeping due to the pain and also had some loss of feeling and tingling in my hand. Mary Rose did a assessment. She encouraged me that is was hopeful and the injury was not as bad as I thought it was. Then I began work with Taylor, who was upbeat, very pleasant, and “tailor-made” the exercises just for me. They were not too difficult, but challenging enough so that I was making progress!! I looked forward to the sessions, because I cold tell I was improving! So grateful to be out of pain and have restored my range of motion! I appreciate them both helping me make the transition back to LaVita so that I can continue using the equipment over there. THANK YOU so much Mary Rose and Taylor!!!

– Carolyn J