Success Stories


Lisa’s Story

I am so glad I found New Life! I had my left knee replaced in February, and 6 weeks later I had my right knee replaced. Before surgery, I had limited many activities because my knees were so painful. Kris and Kyle helped me regain motion and stability after the first surgery – so I was ready for the next one! Now, 3 months post-surgery, I am walking, doing steps, and squatting, all without assistance or pain. Everyone here helped make my recovery easy. Kris and Kyle listened to my goals and put me on the path to achieve them. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

– Lisa

Kim’s Story

I came to New Life after a knee injury. I was hurting so bad, I could no longer do what I loved to do. I love to go for walks during my work day, and exercise in the morning before work. I could not bend my knee when I came to see Sydney. She taught me how to walk without pain. Kyle helped my strengthen my muscles. Sydney did cupping on my knee and slowly but steady got better! I can now enjoy my normal activities! The staff at New Life are so awesome! Everyone was so kind and friendly. Thank you, New Life!

– Kim

Paige’s Story

I was fed up with the amount of knee pain I was having at my age, going on 4 years. When I first started at New Life, I was active but could not run for periods of time because of the pain. I have gone through several different physical therapies that were frustrating and disappointing. Working with Jordan as a great experience because he got to understand the things I had difficulty with, and we worked on strengthening small areas one at a time. I now run several times a week on a treadmill, and back pursuing a career as a personal trainer. Thanks, New Life!

– Paige