Neck Pain

The neck has an incredibly important job of holding up our head and allowing for mobility to turn our head to see in different directions. Like the low back, it is made up of several small bones stacked one on top of another, separated by disks, and joints that form between them. Those small joints each produce small amounts of movement but add up together to create greater movement that allows us to look up, down, side to side and look over our shoulder. There are nerves that sit in between each joint of the neck that supply the shoulder, arm and hand. We have several layers of thick muscles that support our head and overall posture that often get overstrained with the constant leaning over a computer, phone, machine, etc, that our society tends to often do.

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Natural Option for Neck Arthritis
March 24, 2022

While it’s true that neck arthritis suffers can find relief through movement and exercise, those living with the disorder may naturally assume such treatments would be painful. But not so, said physical therapist Mary Rose Strickland, PT, DPT, OCS, with New Life Physical Therapy. “Movement is very important for those who suffer from neck arthritis,

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Help! I Slept Wrong and Now I Can’t Turn My Head
July 28, 2022

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Top 3 Exercises for Neck Pain and Stiffness
May 2, 2022

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Top 3 Exercises for Upper Back/Neck Pain or Stiffness
May 2, 2022

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