Online Workshop

[Free] Foot Pain Workshop

Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2024 | Time: 5:30pm - 6:30pm

Dr. Jordan Hove PT, DPT

Jordan Hove is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a foot specialist at our Baraboo location. He received his bachelor of science degree in biology from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, and his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Jordan grew up in River Falls, WI, a small town on the western edge of Wisconsin near the Twin Cities. Jordan has a passion for better understanding of chronic pain and helping others understand what pain is and how to best combat it in order to continue to move and enjoy life.

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What you will learn:

  • The most common causes of foot pain and plantar fasciitis
  • The #1 biggest mistake people suffering with foot pain make
  • Why rolling on a frozen water bottle and calf stretching isn’t enough
  • How your hip and core may be causing or at minimum contributing to your foot pain
  • A sure-fire way to pick the right course of action for your pain, including discussion on whether or not orthotics are appropriate for you

Who is this free workshop for?

  • Anyone having difficulty walking/running desired distances
  • Anyone having pain first thing in the morning upon standing out of bed
  • Anyone with difficulty standing for extended periods of time
  • Anyone who has tried other foot and plantar fasciitis treatments or exercises with minimal success in the past

How to Register

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There are no words that could fully express my gratitude for all that New Life has done for me! The last few years I have been struggling with unending pain in my hip, knee, and foot. This constant pain and misery had drained the strength, joy, and much happiness from my life. I am a very strong and independent woman, but this physical impairment had me hobbled and in tears. From the first moment I entered New Life, I was welcomed like family, not a file number. Kris and Kyle are simply amazing at what they do. Their kindness, compassion, and great skill at their profession has had a profound effect on the quality of my life. I now do all the things that I couldn’t do before. I can walk all day, go up and down stairs, and sleep peacefully finally. I have joy again in regaining the happy life I used to have. These people are truly caring and genius at what they do. No wonder they have a 5-star rating. I now truly understand why it’s called New Life. You have my profound gratitude and thanks.


I struggled with foot pain proximately 6 months but I was able to maintain normal functioning. When the pain inhibited my ability to just walk I connected with New Life/Kris. Kris was able to identify the areas of my body that were contributing to the pain and then develop a plan. I worked with Kris and Kyle for 10 sessions and they introduced a new routine that I can incorporate into my workout and daily routine that has reduced by pain and increased my ability to do the things I enjoy. It feels amazing to be pain free! Thank you to Kris and Kyle!!


Well, to start off, I am 71 years young – I was 71 years old before coming to Kris for my shoulder dislocation. Then my foot locked in place. I received professional help with Mary Rose. I found that I can and do trust in Mary Rose’s advice and care for me, now 71 years young and not afraid of life now. I can now do all I want with a break every so often – I am happy, very happy! Thank you Mary Rose, Kris, and New Life!