“Why is finding the root cause so important?”

September 17, 2021

It is easy to treat symptoms.  We do it all of the time when we use medications, ice, injections, oils, etc.  While that can make us feel better now, it does not get at the WHY behind our problem.  It is important to find out why your body was inflamed or irritated in the first place, so that you can treat the problem on a deeper level and decrease your risk of recurrence.

Example:  it is easy to treat low back pain with ibuprofen, heat, and even a massage gun.  That may help relax our muscles and decrease the inflammation for a few minutes or hours, but if our back pain is being caused by the fact that our hip is tight and we do a lot of twisting activities throughout our day, then the problem will simply return.  A better solution will get at WHY is that inflammation and tight muscles in our back a problem, get the hip moving, and ensure muscles can control our twisting movements so pressure is not being put on the low back unnecessarily.