Annual Physical Therapy Check-ups Lead To Injury Prevention, Early Intervention

March 16, 2022

We all know that visiting your physician for an annual physical is critical in maintaining long-term health, just as dental exams twice a year helps ensure oral health throughout a lifetime. But what about annual check-ups with a physical therapist? According to Mary Rose Strickland, co-owner and physical therapist at New Life Physical Therapy, annual

Why Movement Matters

March 16, 2022

By Mary Rose Strickland, PT, DPT, OCS While the profession of physical therapy is often characterized under the generalized label “rehabilitation,” I am eager to create a wider narrative – one that focuses on physical therapy’s overall ability to change lives by helping people move better. When it comes down to it, physical therapy is

Simple Steps To Get Fit

March 16, 2022

The science on physical activity is clear.  The World Health Organization has identified physical inactivity (lack of physical activity) as the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality.  Physical inactivity is estimated to be the main cause for approximately 21-25% of breast and colon cancers, 27% of diabetes and approximately 30% of heart disease.  The

I’m a Movement Expert and My Muscles Are Sore!

December 13, 2021

By Mary Rose Strickland, PT, DPT, OCS Last week I upped my lower body strength training and wow was I sore the next day. It is common after completing a workout or doing strength exercises to experience soreness. The question becomes how to manage that soreness and is there a way to make it go