Positive Psychology Can Help Achieve and Support Healthy Behaviors

October 13, 2022

By: Dr. Mary Rose Strickland

Positive psychology is the study of that which allows individuals and communities to thrive.  Additionally, studies show having a purpose in life is important in mitigating disease risk and promoting longevity.

Ways to engage in positive psychology:

  1. Positive emotion – ability to be optimistic and ability to view the past, present and future in a positive fashion.
  2. Engagement – being fully absorbed in the present moment that stretches intelligence, skill, and emotional capacity.
  3. Relationship – development of positive social connections with other humans emotionally and physically (note this does NOT mean online and through social media, which has the opposite effects of positive psychology).
  4. Meaning – having a purpose for why one is on the Earth and encompasses the values placed on activities, one’s views, and one’s attitudes.
  5. Accomplishments – sense of satisfaction, pride and fulfillment from having ambition to accomplish realistic goals.