Mary Rose Strickland



New Life Member Since 2010

Dr. Mary Rose is a Physical Therapist, President, and Co-Owner of New Life Physical Therapy. She is board certified in Orthopedic Physical Therapy through the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties, and is board certified in Lifestyle Medicine through the American College & Board of Lifestyle Medicine. She has been with New Life since 2010.

She thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to help individuals discover what is holding them back or making them hurt, and provide natural solutions to enhance health and overall wellbeing. She understands the importance of guiding patients to success by acknowledging that she “doesn’t have a magic wand to make you better”. Rather her philosophy is to identify the root cause of the problem; develop a path to improve; and empower her patients to have the ability to achieve the important things that make their lives worth living. Her advanced training in Lifestyle Medicine gives her a unique perspective on key aspects of health behaviors and impact on wellbeing, including: physical activity, nutrition, stress management and emotional wellness, sleep, smoking cessation and avoiding risky substance abuse, and positive psychology and connectedness.

Outside of work, Mary Rose enjoys spending time with her husband, Greg, and children, Madelyn and Luca. She loves biking, running, yoga and always strives to integrate challenge in managing her own health and wellbeing alongside of being a busy mom and professional. She enjoys cooking; family walks with their golden doodle; gardening; hiking; snowshoeing; playing piano for church; and being involved in a variety of community groups/events.