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Joe H.

“I was familiar with New Life from recovery treatment from quadriceps repairs 6 and 8 years ago and had very good experiences here, so I chose New Life for my PT following right knee replacement this past summer. At the beginning of treatment this time, I was going through the pain, swelling, and limitations on strength and movement that were to be expected following such surgery. Read More

Phillip B.

“At the beginning of my P.T. I was very skeptical. But today that I have completed my therapy, I’m 100% feeling better, mentally, as well as physically. Thank you NEW LIFE for my much needed, and improved lifestyle. Much thanks to Jordan and entire New Life staff – GO BREWERS!”

Elizabeth W.

“I originally came in for help with my lower back. It so happened I sprained my ankle the day after my first visit. I had trouble sitting at work for long periods then had issues walking and New Life greatly helped with both issues. The exercises I received were a little challenging but definitely paid off. I feel stronger in my lower back and have regained most of my balance I lost with the sprain. The dry needling also helped both the back and ankle. Kyle and Mary Rose listened to what I had to say and provided great advice and explanations!”

Casey P.

“I was referred to New Life after having a Hip Labral tear repair. I am an Occupational Therapist and prior to surgery my hip was unstable, painful, and impacting my ability to safely work with my patients and participate in leisure activities. Due to the skills, knowledge and ability of the therapist, I am now able to do my job and am back to high impact exercising and an improved quality of life. Read More

Todd H.

“I have had back pain for years – shooting pain, numbness from back and down the leg. I couldn’t even drive 30 miles without my back hurting so much, I’d have to stop.I saw Back Pain Workshop in Westfield in 2018 and figured why not. I began physical therapy the next week. From the very first appointment, John listened and started me on basic stretches that continually incorporated more. Read More

Kurt H.

“I had a lot fo pain in my right shoulder – had surgery on it…and came to New Life. The staff at the front desk to Sydney and Kyle did a fantastic job of making my pain decrease to a livable level. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I’ve told my friends that if they needed any kind of therapy to go to New Life – God bless you all.”

Jan C.

“There are no words that could fully express my gratitude for all that New Life has done for me! The last few years I have been struggling with unending pain in my hip, knee, and foot. This constant pain and misery had drained the strength, joy, and much happiness from my life. I am a very strong and independent woman, but this physical impairment had me hobbled and in tears. Read More

Sara N.

“My PT journey started years ago when my back went out. Fast forward through a year of chiropractor visits and two back surgeries within five years of each other, and I was still in quite a bit of pain on and off. I used to be quite active – running, rollerblading, hiking, etc. All of that went out the window between the surgeries, and I haven’t been able to be very active in about four years. Read More

Ken D.

“At the time of my accident, I was 75 years old. I was painting the roof of a school bus. I fell from a ladder and broke my neck. After seeing five different doctors, I was told I was as good as I was going to get. I could not raise my arm above my shoulder or look right or left. I made an appointment with New Life and that was when my recovery began. I can now ride my motorcycle, do yard work, and most other things I enjoy (I have not tried golf yet). I can now do many things I could not do without pain after the accident. I can raise my arm above my head and look right and left. I take very little meds, and that I am very grateful for. Thanks New Life.”

David H.

“I walked in expecting to have surgery. Exercise by exercise with my PT Kris Hellenbrand, I slowly began healing. With patience and instruction by Kris, I got better and better. The surgeon said that there were two vertebrae that are ruptured. I came to every appointment I had and did my exercises at home. Soon, I was stronger than I had been in a long time. The progress went from not being able to walk, to a slow jog with no pain. I thank New Life Physical Therapy, Kyle and Kris. I believe God sent me here. Thanks so much New Life.”

Pamela Q.

“If you are looking for a physical therapist, Jordan Hove is who you want. Having accrued $100,000 of medical bills, I was so lucky to find him. I nearly lost my mind in dealing with severe debilitating pain that went on for over 10 months. With Jordan’s physical therapy and psychological support, I finally have my life back again. Before, I could barely get out of bed, and now I am walking 4 miles a day. I would say Jordan is a therapist ahead of his time that has a bright future.”

Teresa P.

“I was very pleased with the staff at New Life PT. When I started treatment, my left arm/elbow would shoot pain when I would lift certain things in a certain way. I now can carry a pail of water with no pain! Thanks for helping me feel better!”

Lisa T.

“I am so glad I found New Life! I had my left knee replaced in February, and 6 weeks later I had my right knee replaced. Before surgery, I had limited many activities because my knees were so painful. Kris and Kyle helped me regain motion and stability after the first surgery – so I was ready for the next one! Now, 3 months post-surgery, I am walking, doing steps, and squatting, all without assistance or pain. Everyone here helped make my recovery easy. Kris and Kyle listened to my goals and put me on the path to achieve them. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!”


New Life are the trusted go-to experts in physical therapy, sports medicine, rehabilitation, worker compensation, auto injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation, and urgent care for muscle, bone, joint, and mobility conditions.  We treat pain, strains, sprains, overexertion, repetitive stress, cumulative trauma, accidents, injuries, medical impairments and disability.  We are in our second decade of providing proven care you can trust in Portage, Baraboo, and throughout south-central Wisconsin and beyond.  In addition, we provide onsite services for employees at Brakebush, Cardinal FG, Cardinal IG, PendaForm, Teel, Sanimax, and E-80.



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