Don’t Let Pain Win

If you hurt or don’t move the way you want, you can feel lost, hopeless and defeated. So you find different ways to do things, quit doing them all together, or ultimately settle for not reaching your highest potential.

Regain Control

Understanding your pain problem and how to fix it puts you back in the driver’s seat.

Dive Deeper Than Surface Symptoms

Figure out what is wrong and why; no expensive tests necessary

Develop a
Personalized Plan

Time & energy well spent; no generic “one size fits all” wasted efforts

Start Moving Confidently Again with a Trusted Guide

Get back to what’s important, not sitting on the sidelines

We Care About You

At New Life Physical Therapy, we understand what it feels like to struggle with pain so our team meets you wherever you are at; physically, financially or even virtually. You can count on:

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Make an appointment with a Physical Therapist at one of our clinics or online via Telehealth.

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Learn what’s holding you back and how to fix it.

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Enjoy doing life’s important things.

When you're ready to schedule an appointment, you have three options


Full Orthopedic Consultation (Self Pay)

No referral or authorization needed! Review your health history and let one of our licensed physical therapists evaluate why you hurt or what’s holding you back. We’ll perform a thorough evaluation, and together we’ll discuss management and follow-up options.

Express Orthopedic Consultation (Self Pay)

Not sure where to start? This brief consultation will discuss your concerns and determine an appropriate path of where to begin.

Full Orthopedic Consultation (Insurance)

Review your health history and let one of our licensed physical therapists evaluate why you hurt or what’s holding you back. We’ll perform a thorough evaluation, and together we’ll discuss management and follow-up options. Includes courtesy insurance verification and benefit counseling with your individualized insurance plan.

If it hurts to move, why take extra steps?
Direct access means not having to wait for a doctor or referral.

What’s Holding You Back?

Our goal is to help you relieve your pain and move better, not cause pain.  We help identify the cause of your pain or problem and equip you with the knowledge and tools to conquer it.  You should expect to leave each visit feeling better and understanding your body more, all while making progress towards your goals.

An initial evaluation is a comprehensive exam where review of health history and problems are identified, determination of the cause of those problems, a plan and goals for your success in the future are written, and initial education or treatment also included.  An initial evaluation direct pay visit costs $160. 

Your customized treatment plan will include follow up visits that range from $43-$160, based on quick treatments of a single body region to more complex and variety of treatments of multiple body areas.  All based on your needs, goals, and budget.

Physical Therapy is covered by insurance.  Cost is set by your insurance company through a contract New Life PT signs with them.  Your out of pocket costs are also set by them in the form of your deductible, co-pay, or co-insurance.  This can be a complicated process.  Our insurance specialist will do a complimentary verification of your benefits and give you an estimate of your out of pocket costs if you choose to go this route.

You may access a physical therapist directly in the state of Wisconsin, saving you an unnecessary office visit and cost of seeing your primary care first.

Our expert Physical Therapists have advanced training that determine if you are safe to begin PT, if you need an x-ray or MRI first, or if you need to see a different health provider or physician.  If a referral out is needed, we will guide you to getting to the right provider and often can call ahead to get you in sooner.  This saves you time, money, and energy.

It is easy to treat symptoms.  We do it all of the time when we use medications, ice, injections, oils, etc.  While that can make us feel better now, it does not get at the WHY behind our problem.  It is important to find out why your body was inflamed or irritated in the first place, so that you can treat the problem on a deeper level and decrease your risk of recurrence.

Example:  it is easy to treat low back pain with ibuprofen, heat, and even a massage gun.  That may help relax our muscles and decrease the inflammation for a few minutes or hours, but if our back pain is being caused by the fact that our hip is tight and we do a lot of twisting activities throughout our day, then the problem will simply return.  A better solution will get at WHY is that inflammation and tight muscles in our back a problem, get the hip moving, and ensure muscles can control our twisting movements so pressure is not being put on the low back unnecessarily. 

Many times, pain begins because there is mismatch between demands on the body and capacity of the body to meet those demands.  This could be movement, strength, balance, etc.  Trying to fix low back pain by taking ibuprofen (a biochemical solution) doesn’t match the biomechanical (movement) problem.  A movement solution addressing the hip will help to relieve the underlying cause of the low back pain.

Physical Therapists are movement experts.  There is no other healthcare provider more qualified to determine why you hurt or what is holding you back when it comes to movement or activities. 

Not all PT is created equal.  Some questions to ask if you have been through PT before:

  1. Did you work with a licensed PT professional?  Unfortunately, a lot of places use athletic trainers or unlicensed aides/techs to provide majority of treatment.  This results in suboptimal outcomes. 
  2. Did they address your symptoms or determine the root cause of your problem?
  3. Did they work with you 1-on-1 or were they also juggling other patients at the same time?
  4. Did the PT have advanced training specifically in orthopedics and applied functional science?  These are categories that PTs can further “specialize” in that often translates to better outcomes in care. 

New Life PT only schedules 1-on-1 care with licensed Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants, with no aides or techs.  More than 50% of our therapists are board certified orthopedic clinical specialists, a designation that on average only 4% of PTs nation-wide obtain.  All of our therapists have advanced training in applied functional science.