Thursday August 2, 2018

Reviewer - Sara N.

“My PT journey started years ago when my back went out. Fast forward through a year of chiropractor visits and two back surgeries within five years of each other, and I was still in quite a bit of pain on and off. I used to be quite active – running, rollerblading, hiking, etc. All of that went out the window between the surgeries, and I haven’t been able to be very active in about four years.After another episode of intense pain that wouldn’t go away on its own, I was worried that another surgery was on the horizon. Wanting to avoid that at all costs, I looked into dry needling and found a seminar at New Life. After the seminar, I signed up for an evaluation a couple of days later. Jordan gathered a bunch of information from me and said that although dry needling probably wouldn’t relieve a lot of my pain, he thought physical therapy would help me a lot. He gave me one simple exercise to do daily until the next appointment. Two days after doing the exercise, my pain had decreased by 50%, and I could walk without a stabbing pain again. I did have a few setbacks, but Jordan kept working with me and gave me new exercises to help me along. I was happy that Jordan would listen to my input and changed my visit schedule as my physical health improved. I was never pressured to visit more than necessary. I always felt welcome to contact him in any way with any questions or concerns. I am happy that I am now back on track to be running 5Ks again and be living the active lifestyle that I used to.”