Thursday December 27, 2012

Physical Therapy Treatment vs. Treatment by a Physical Therapist

Webster’s definition of physical therapy is : “the treatment of disease, injury, or disability by physical and mechanical means (as massage, regulated exercise, water, light, heat, and electricity.” Are physical therapists the only heal care professionals that provide “physical therapy,”  no. For licensed professionals, they have a scope of practice that provides a description of what they can and can’t do by law.Physical therapists also work and a variety of settings such as outpatient clinics, hospitals, school districts, nursing homes, and others; and poses a variety of specializations from orthopedics to pediatrics. A referral for “physical therapy” is quite vague, what does it mean, what are patient’s expectations? The environment and specialization (if any) of the physical therapist will greatly influence what a patient’s experience with “physical therapy” is. A preferred referral would be a referral to a Physical Therapist to treat your low back pain (for example).