Tuesday February 22, 2011

New Life Physical Therapist Gains Advanced Training in Applied Functional Science

New Life PT and Sports Medicine staff physical therapist, Jamie Bockhop MPT, LAT has enrolled in Gray Institute’s “Fellowship in Applied Functional Science” (FAFS
.) The AFS Fellowship is an intensive 42 week long continuing education program consisting of direct classroom and on-line learning.

The Gray Institute has become an internationally recognized leader in Applied Functional Science (AFS). The AFS fellowship encourages transformation through function. Generally, patients and clients function on their feet during home and work activities. In order to empower patients toward the most common goal of normal function without pain, a physical therapy program must address upright function. Dysfunctional patterns in mobility, stability, integration, or chain-reaction biomechanics can be difficult to identify. The fellowship has structured a systematic approach through the understanding of physical principles (i.e. gravity, ground-reaction forces, and momentum). Understanding these truths of nature, and the reactions imposed upon the body during any functional process, allows the treating therapist to provide specialized treatment strategies and techniques.

AFS Fellowship training will be a valuable addition to Jamie’s skill-set in identifying sources of increasing pain and declining function in his patients and clients. Understanding true function permits an individualized treatment plan, which empowers both patient and therapist to reach optimal outcomes.

To schedule an examination with Jamie Bockhop, please contact New Life Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine at (608)356-2334.

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