Monday October 15, 2018

Why Movement Matters

While the profession of physical therapy is often characterized under the generalized label “rehabilitation,” Portage physical therapist Sydney Mikulas is eager to create a wider narrative – one that focuses on physical therapy’s overall ability to change lives by helping people move better.

“When it comes down to it, physical therapy is all about experiences. It’s about making it possible for people to live and experience life to the fullest,” said Mikulas, physical therapist at New Life Physical Therapy in Portage, Westfield and Baraboo. “Movement – not just exercise, but the overall ability to work, play and live optimally – just so happens to be at the center of so many of our greatest life experiences.”

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Friday October 12, 2018

Dry Needling at New Life Physical Therapy

What is Dry Needling?

Dry needling is a highly effective form of physical therapy for the treatment of a multitude of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions. It is not appropriate for all conditions or pathologies and the use of the technique will be at the discretion of your physical therapist.

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Monday August 27, 2018

Take Steps to Lower the Risk of ACL Injury this Sports Season

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), high school athletes account for about 2 million injuries and around a half-million doctor visits each year. But few of these injuries, says Baraboo physical therapist Bryan Cummings, are as costly to a student-athlete and his or her family as a torn ACL.

“An ACL tear in the knee will often lead to surgery and months of rehabilitation,” said Cummings, co-owner of New Life Physical Therapy in Baraboo, Portage, Westfield and DeForest. “Often, I’ll see many of these student-athletes during post-surgery rehabilitation, but I’d much rather see them before that – when our goal is preventing this all-too common injury from happening in the first place.”

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Monday July 2, 2018

Dog Owners More Likely to Meet Fitness Benchmarks

It turns out our furry friends have more to offer us than companionship and unconditional love. According to Portage physical therapist Kris Hellenbrand, multiple studies show that dog owners are generally healthier and more likely to meet national fitness benchmarks than non-owners.

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Monday June 4, 2018

Bad posture can ‘sneak up’ as shoulder pain as you age

Shoulder pain in older adults often appears suddenly, as if caused by a sudden trauma or injury. But for many, says Baraboo physical therapist Bryan Cummings, shoulder injuries are often the result of musculoskeletal conditions directly associated with aging and, more specifically, weakening posture.

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