Saturday April 9, 2011

New Life Provides Physical Therapy Treatment for a Variety of Conditions

Patients and clients come to New Life clinics with many different diagnoses, either requesting, or have a referral for physical therapy treatment. A diagnosis is the art or act of identifying a disease from its signs and symptoms. Usually, the diagnosis is an attempt to identify the suspected “pain-generator” that is causing limitations of the patient’s daily activities.

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Tuesday February 22, 2011

New Life Physical Therapist Gains Advanced Training in Applied Functional Science

New Life PT and Sports Medicine staff physical therapist, Jamie Bockhop MPT, LAT has enrolled in Gray Institute’s “Fellowship in Applied Functional Science” (FAFS
.) The AFS Fellowship is an intensive 42 week long continuing education program consisting of direct classroom and on-line learning.

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Monday February 21, 2011

Are You Working to Your Potential?

Is fatigue or discomfort at work preventing you from producing the quality and quantity of work you desire? Is discomfort or fatigue from work keeping you from enjoying your family and recreational activities? If so, New Life has a strategy to help you “Get Your ING on!”

Movement Prepairing: “Get Ready for Work.”

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Thursday December 30, 2010

How Does Your Walking Look?

Humans are the only mammals created to walk upright as their optimal mode of transportation. We are able to walk upright due to our structural gifts such as arches in our feet and a curve in our low back.

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Wednesday December 29, 2010

Upper Back May Cause Shoulder Problems

A common complaint in our practice is difficulty with reaching, due to pain, weakness, stiffness, or any combination. Typically these complaints are located in or around the shoulder. If treatment is only focused on the shoulder, proper function will not be achieved and any symptom relief will be short-lived.

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