Thursday December 30, 2010

How Does Your Walking Look?

Humans are the only mammals created to walk upright as their optimal mode of transportation. We are able to walk upright due to our structural gifts such as arches in our feet and a curve in our low back.

Our sedentary lifestyle does not promote optimal walking. A common dysfunctional walking pattern would include a forward head, rounded shoulders, a flat low back, short strides, and the toes pointed out (looks like an ape!). Rarely do we walk like we are structurally designed to with long strides, rotation at our hips, arms swinging, and feet pointed forward.

A dysfunctional walking pattern can be both a symptom of and cause of a variety of aches and pains in addition to poor endurance.

If you or a family member has a dysfunctional walking pattern, call a New Life Physical Therapist to schedule a gait assessment and musculoskeletal examination. They will determine causative factors and prescribe a corrective strategy.

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