Monday February 21, 2011

Are You Working to Your Potential?

Is fatigue or discomfort at work preventing you from producing the quality and quantity of work you desire? Is discomfort or fatigue from work keeping you from enjoying your family and recreational activities? If so, New Life has a strategy to help you “Get Your ING on!”

Movement Prepairing: “Get Ready for Work.”

Movement preparation will be performed prior to or at the beginning of your shift. Movement preparation is designed to prepare specific body regions for the demands of the job activities. Preparation is accomplished by performing movements that will promote blood-flow to working muscles, lubricate joints, and activate our nervous system. This strategy will prepare your body to handle forces specific to your work.
Movement Unwinding: “Recover from Work.”
Movement unwinding is recommended to perform throughout the day (ideally at mid-morning, mid-shift, mid-afternoon, and after work). Unwinding stretches should only take a matter of seconds to perform. Movement unwinding will reduce load or strain on body regions that are frequently stressed during your job activities.
Example: Lifting and forward bending places load on the hips and low back; frequent bending backwards, helps to off-load those areas.
Movement Training: “Work Better!”
Your job activities place demands on your body’s ability to move through a range of motion (flexibility), balance, apply a force (strength), and to put it all together efficiently (motor-control). If your movement is deficiency in any of these areas, compensation results. Over time compensation can excessively strain body regions and produce discomfort, fatigue, and other symptoms. Movement training will work on key movements performed during your job to ensure that you are moving optimally during the day, thus reducing discomfort during and after work.

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