Tuesday February 2, 2016

A Great Patient Testimonial

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your gracious and knowledgeable therapeutic service to me during my recent time of physical distress; and might I also add, my emotional distress. One, I am not hesitant to admit, was connected to the other.

As I saw myself withdraw from physical activity due to my back pain and injury, I could not help but feel my spirit wither to some degree also.

Regardless, your engagement in my status and willingness to assist my getting “lifted” due to your services was monumental to me, and by extension I might add, to Nancy also! Sitting around and fretting over physical ailment is no treat for either of us.

I am inclined to reference your support and efforts on our behalf as “life style enhancing.” That is, we have tended to be active physically in the past, but now we are doing so in more effective and efficient ways because of your knowledge and methodology of treatment and service. For this we are very grateful and thankful.

I did not come away from your therapeutic intervention believing that I had received any future guarantees regarding my lower back well-being. However, I now know how to be both proactive and more effective in combating its return and/or dealing with it when and if it does return.

In working with you over the past couple months, I was reminded of a passage written by Robert Coles in his book “The Call Of Service.” In talking about helping each other to see what we might have missed noticing about each other, he states, “How do we place our mind (and heart and soul) in a position – a place both literal and symbolic – that encourages our eyes and ears to pick up what we might otherwise miss?” His response is of no news to you, “I try to put myself in the shoes of others…” You do this well, and as a result Nancy and I both are benefitted because of that effort on your part to see what one might otherwise miss!”

– Lance and Nancy A.