Wednesday June 7, 2017

Exercise essential during and after cancer treatment

As National Cancer Survivors Day was on Sunday, June 4, local physical therapist Mary Rose Strickland finds this annual celebration of life as the ideal opportunity to point out the ways research has shown that movement and exercise can improve the health and quality of life of those who suffer from and have survived cancer.

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Wednesday May 3, 2017

Stroke is preventable – Stroke Awareness Month

As we start what’s been known since 1989 as National Stroke Awareness Month (May), Portage physical therapist Kristina Hellenbrand is eager to point out that stroke is a medical emergency that’s highly preventable, and that movement and exercise are keys to such prevention.

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Monday April 3, 2017

Avoid these five running mistakes during 5K season

It’s the season for weekend fun runs, charity 5Ks and multi-stage team relays. But as recreation and competitive runners hit the roads and trails to prepare for upcoming events, local physical therapist Bryan Cummings reminds us that avoiding common early season training mistakes can keep runners healthy and competitive throughout the season.

This is an especially important message considering about 60 to 65 percent of all runners experience an injury during the average year.

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Friday March 10, 2017

Don’t confuse soreness with pain

There’s soreness, and then there’s pain. It’s important to not confuse the two, says Jordan Hove, physical therapist at New Life Physical Therapy in Portage, Baraboo and Westfield.

To active people in general and athletes at all levels, the inability to recognize the differences between muscle soreness and pain can mean pushing your body your muscles and joints to the point of injury. It’s the difference, Hove says, between healthy progress and unnecessary, long-term risk.

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Friday February 10, 2017

New Life Awarded the Susan Weyh Excellence in Business Award

New Life Physical Therapy was honored to be awarded the Susan Weyh Excellence in Business award by the Portage Chamber of Commerce this week at the Chamber of Commerce Awards dinner. This is the highest award given to small businesses of less than 20 employees. It is named for the late Susan Weyh who was very active and did many things in and for the Portage community. It is a great honor to receive an award in her name!

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