Monday March 5, 2018

Playing multiple sports lead to better, healthier kids

In an era of specialization in sports involving athletes of all ages, DeForest physical therapist Dante Leone joins most medical experts in agreeing that young athletes generally remain mentally and physically healthier, achieve greater success, and learn to enjoy a lifetime of physical fitness when they opt to play multiple sports.

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Wednesday February 7, 2018

Winter Olympics highlight importance of balance and flexibility

As millions marvel at the world’s top competitors performing athletic feats on cold, wet and slippery surfaces during this month’s 2018 Winter Olympics, Baraboo physical therapist Jordan Hove sees an ideal educational opportunity for local athletes and fitness-minded people.

While we watch Alpine skiers speed through difficult downhill courses and figure skaters bound balletically across the ice, Hove sees performances that vividly highlight the importance of two oft-overlooked elements of good fitness and training routines: balance and flexibility.

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Monday January 8, 2018

Use Fitness Apps in 2018…but Use with Caution

As more people continue to turn to health apps on their smartphones to help achieve goals related to exercise and weight loss, it’s important to use such tools with an element of personal caution, says New Life  physical therapist Bryan Cummings.

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Wednesday December 6, 2017

Make your 2018 resolutions stick using the following goalsetting tips

A typical New Year’s resolution is doomed to fail – that is, if you believe in statistics alone.

According to Baraboo physical therapist Bryan Cummings, research shows that around 80 percent of people who make resolutions on the first of the year have already fallen off the wagon by Valentine’s Day.

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Tuesday November 7, 2017

Annual physical therapy check-ups lead to injury prevention, early intervention

We all know that visiting your physician for an annual physical is critical in maintaining long-term health, just as dental exams twice a year helps ensure oral health throughout a lifetime. But what about annual check-ups with a physical therapist?

According to Bryan Cummings, co-owner and physical therapist at New Life Physical Therapy in Baraboo, Portage and Westfield, annual physical therapy check-ups provide the third critical (and often overlooked) piece in long-term health and preventative care.

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