Monday July 2, 2018

Dog Owners More Likely to Meet Fitness Benchmarks

It turns out our furry friends have more to offer us than companionship and unconditional love. According to Portage physical therapist Kris Hellenbrand, multiple studies show that dog owners are generally healthier and more likely to meet national fitness benchmarks than non-owners.

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Monday June 4, 2018

Bad posture can ‘sneak up’ as shoulder pain as you age

Shoulder pain in older adults often appears suddenly, as if caused by a sudden trauma or injury. But for many, says Baraboo physical therapist Bryan Cummings, shoulder injuries are often the result of musculoskeletal conditions directly associated with aging and, more specifically, weakening posture.

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Wednesday May 2, 2018

Parent Tip: Active Kids Become Healthy Adults

With child obesity still an epidemic in the U.S. and reams of research showing both the immediate and long-term benefits of youth exercise, it’s the duty of parents today to make movement and activity a part of kids’ lifestyles, says Baraboo physical therapist Jordan Hove.

And the first step in teaching kids to be active, Hove adds, is to be a good role model.

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Monday April 2, 2018

Focus on Strength and Balance Exercises to Prevent Falls

During a time when the U.S. is so focused on reducing the cost of overall medical expenses, Portage physical therapist Mary Rose Strickland shared a staggering number that, according to medical professionals, could be significantly reduced through preventative care: $67.7 billion.

That, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), will be the total cost for fall injuries experienced by older Americans (65+) in the year 2020. Medicare and Medicaid will cover about three-quarters of these costs.

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Monday March 5, 2018

Playing multiple sports lead to better, healthier kids

In an era of specialization in sports involving athletes of all ages, DeForest physical therapist Dante Leone joins most medical experts in agreeing that young athletes generally remain mentally and physically healthier, achieve greater success, and learn to enjoy a lifetime of physical fitness when they opt to play multiple sports.

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